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PC Based Reader

A PC-based reading system developed specifically for ease of use by students and teachers, is an ideal compensatory aid for individuals with reading difficulties. This application allows the user to view a scanned page on the computer screen while listening to the text being read aloud.

Biometric Readers

“ Biometric” comes from the Greek bios (“life”) and metron (“measure”). A biometric reader recognizes humans based on intrinsic physical traits. For example, a biometric reader can read eye retinas or irises, facial patterns, hand measurements or fingerprints.

Stand alone Reader

A standalone device is able to function independently of other hardware. This means it is not integrated into another device. The stand alone card reader is a stand alone access control solution using smart card technology. The reader contains memory for the storage of cards, and is easily programmable by using smart cards. Standalone card reader has three categories
  • Standalone Contact card reader
  • Standalone Contact less card reader
  • Standalone Biometric card reader