Company Profile


Business Applications:

  1. Smart Educamp- Smart card based ERP Campus solution
  2. Smart Swipe- Smart card based Attendance monitoring and access control system with Payroll.
  3. Chauffeur- Smart card based GPRS Fleet Management system
  4. Smart Eye – Electronic surveillance and CCTV systems.
  5. Smart shop- Retail management system
  6. Entrepreneur- ERP solution
  7. Vista- Hotel & Resort Management System
  8. Smart Beats - Hospital Management System
  9. Smart Cheers - Club Management System
  10. Smart Apply - Smart online application and forms sales Solutions
  11. Smart Net - Complete Network Security Solutions
  12. Smart Serve - Complete Server Management Solutions
  13. Smart Attendent - Complete Leave Management Solutions
  14. Smart Mob - Complete Mobile Diintensifier Solutions
  15. Web Based Applications: Point of sale Software as Application Service provider